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Real-World Evidence Study Published in the Journal Cancer Reveals a Five-Fold Cost Increase Associated With Metastatic Prostate Cancer

Researchers at Boston Health Economics, the Carolina Urologic Research Center, and Janssen, also found high hospitalization rates associated with metastatic prostate cancer.

WALTHAM, MA, September 15, 2017 –—A new real-world evidence study shows that the development of prostate cancer metastasis was associated with a five-fold increase in medical costs at the time of diagnosis, and substantially higher costs thereafter. Published in the May issue of Cancer, the scientific journal of the American Cancer Society, the study, titled “Impact of Subsequent Metastases on Costs and Medical Resource Use for Prostate Cancer Patients Initially Diagnosed with Localized Disease,” was conducted by BHE, the Carolina Urologic Research Center (CURC), and Janssen. Cancer also published an editorial by Drs. Daniel Frendl and Aria Olumi that discusses the value of this study’s data in the same issue of the journal.

The study, led by Drs. Tracy T. Li, PhD (Janssen), Neal D. Shore, MD, FACS (CURC), and Robert I. Griffiths, MS, ScD (BHE & Oxford University), utilized US national cancer registry data linked to Medicare insurance claims to evaluate a large population of men diagnosed with localized prostate cancer.

“In this study we were able to show that as the prostate cancer progresses, there are detrimental events not only clinically but also economically associated with metastatic disease.” stated Dr. Tracy Li, lead author of the study and Director of Health Economics and Market Access at Janssen.


Li et al found that almost half of the patients (48.6%) in the metastatic group required at least one inpatient admission around the time of diagnosis. In addition, utilization of outpatient resources also increased from 19% to 54% among patients in the metastatic group.


According to Dr. Neal Shore, Medical Director for the CURC, who has conducted over 250 clinical trials in genitourinary oncology, this study represents “the largest analysis of this population, and clearly demonstrates there is an unmet clinical need for intervention before metastatic disease diagnosis, as well as a significant economic impact for healthcare systems.”


About the Study:

Investigators at BHE, the CURC, and Janssen collaborated on the study, “Impact of Subsequent Metastases on Costs and Medical Resource Use for Prostate Cancer Patients Initially Diagnosed with Localized Disease.” Key investigators and their roles are listed below:

  • Neal D. Shore, MD, FACS, at CURC: Senior clinical investigator responsible for design shape and study implementation, as well as framing and interpretation of results.
  • Tracy T. Li, PhD at Janssen: Co-investigator responsible for the design shape and study implementation, as well preparing the findings for publication.
  • Robert I. Griffiths at BHE: Co-investigator responsible for overall study design, implementation, and reporting of results.

About BHE:

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About Carolina Urologic Research Center:

Carolina Urologic Research Center (CURC), is a separate and independent research arm of Grand Strand Urology, a division of Atlantic Urology Clinics in Myrtle Beach, SC. Under the direction of Dr. Neal Shore, CURC conducts phase I – IV drug, biotechnology and device trials focusing on urological diseases. CURC has been recognized both nationally & internationally as one of the most progressive, well-organized, and respected clinical research sites in the United States.